GOULASH@HOME is a restaurant, delivery and catering business ran by Chris Groza, a young Amsterdam resident. Originally from Transylvania, Chris knows how to cook a traditional goulash stew. Using spices and herbs imported from Hungary and Romania, fresh vegetables and good quality meat bought from local butchers and following a family recipe, his goulash is how proper goulash should be: mouthwatering, filling and comforting. Chris makes everything from scratch.

The idea to start a business from cooking and delivering goulash came up during one of the so called “goulash parties” Chris used to host in his home on a regular basis. Since goulash is a stew that should be shared, he used to invite friends and family and if the bottom of the pot was not reached at the end of the evening, the guests would usually take home the leftovers. It was on one of these moments someone suggested: “You should start a restaurant!”. The idea lingered and after a while preparations were made to actually make it happen. Since November 2012 GOULASH@HOME is open for business.

After collaborating at Andas Bar, Chris finally found the location for the Goulash shop. It took 6 weeks of searching until he found a nice little place at Jan Hanzenstraat corner with Ten Katestraat in Amsterdam’s Oud West district. After 2 mounts of  construction the Goulash@Home restaurant, take away and delivery service was set to open for business on 1st September 2017.